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Highest rated Murphy bed manufacturer

Elevate your rooms with our top-quality innovative wall beds, meticulously designed to optimise space and comfort. Our range of Murphy beds are not only functional but also elegant, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. Our folding guest beds and are the perfect additions to your home or office. The Classic and Studio Wall Bed collections, seamlessly blend convenience with style. Say goodbye to bulky bed frames – our space-saving designs allow you to reclaim your small spaces while providing a comfortable haven, excellent for guest bedrooms, playrooms, box rooms, small spaces, studio apartments, boats, motor homes and multi-use rooms.

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Order your Wall Bed King murphy bed and enjoy up to a 40% discount, that’s an amazing 40% off the MSRP price! Delivery is included to any part of the United States and your order should arrive fast, normally within 5 – 10 working days.


Vertical Wall Bed Kit

38" x 75"

$1,550 USD $1,099 USD
Free Shipping
  • 38" x 75" total surface area
  • 42" frame width
  • 80" height when folded up
  • 16" depth when folded up
  • 86" projection when folded down
  • 12" maximum mattress depth
Lifetime warranty
Vertical Classic Wall Bed
Vertical Classic Wall Bed

Matthew Taylor, Google


"One of the best purchases I have made this year. It has converted what was a small little office in to a perfect little kid's room. So easy to set up and use and I would highly recommend this bed to anyone!"

Phil Morley, Google


"A fantastic fold down bed. Assembled in 20 mins following their online tutorial. Would highly recommend Wall Bed King to anyone with limited space looking for a bed. Brilliant!"

Libby Brodie, Google


"A great idea to save space in the guest room or study. Our wall bed is sturdy and the cupboard fits nicely and looks smart."

The Classic Range

Our most popular fold down bed, sturdy, robust and easy to install. With top online reviews, fast delivery and a lifetime warranty.


The Wall Bed King Studio Range

Stylish, minimalist and hidden even without a cabinet. These bed frames are uniquely fitted with stylish panels on the underside to ensure seamless and tidy camouflage in your room. For those who want a compact, clean modern solution.

The Studio Range

Elegant modern and stylish hidden bed that folds down easily. Top reviews | lifetime warranty | simple installation process.


Use Your Existing Mattress

You can use any standard mattress on our wall bed mechanisms, so there is no need to worry about any additional costs, order your wall bed kit and you will be ready to go.

For supreme comfort

Unlike a sofa bed or foldable guest bed, you can fit any standard mattress (up to 12 inches thick) on our murphy bed kits, giving you a truly comfortable night’s sleep every time. You can even use your existing mattress - making Wall Bed King murphy bed kits the most affordable, comfortable and eco-friendly wall bed on the market.

12 inch mattress

Features and benefits

One of the gas pistons on a Wall Bed King bed frame

German engineering

To smoothly and effortlessly lower and raise our murphy beds, rather than use out-dated spring mechanisms that are subject to deterioration and require maintenance, we use only a high- quality gas piston mechanism designed and made in Germany to the most rigorous specifications. The pistons not only allow for a very smooth, silent, finger-light transition when raising and lowering the beds, but are also extremely durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Our meticulous testing has revealed that gas pistons will remain in excellent condition even after hundreds of thousands of compressions and retractions.

Heavy duty, heat treated beech bed slats

Adequately supports all mattress types, while providing perfect air circulation. Can be used with all types of pocket sprung, coil sprung, foam, gel, or latex mattresses, regardless of weight.

Automatic folding leg

The leg is automatically folded out, and held securely and safely while the bed is in the sleeping position. For the Studio Range the legs are manually taken out before folding down to the sleeping position and manually tucked in neatly when the bed is put in the upright position as seen in our Studio Bed assembly video.

Plastic floor protector cap

An additional design feature to ensure your floor remains pristine and scratch free, even after many years of use.

Mattress holder bracket and strap

The mattress is designed to stay on the bed with all of your bedding, including duvets and pillows, just like a regular bed. It therefore only takes 5 seconds to prepare; unexpected guests can have a comfortable bed ready for them in a matter of seconds.

12 fixing brackets

6 on the floor, and 6 on the wall side. The mechanism can be fitted to either the floor, or wall - no need to use both. This versatility means you can install these mechanisms in any environment - if you have under floor heating for example, the bed can be fixed to the wall. This also means the bed is not connected to or dependent on the surrounding furniture - a furniture panel could weaken with time - the safest structure to connect your bed to is your house. It also means you can install and uninstall the bed as many times as you want.

Flat-packed design

The flat pack is guaranteed to go through any tight corridor or narrow staircase, and can be shipped worldwide.

Fast, easy installation in an hour

We provide printed, clear instructions as well as a step-by-step, easy to understand, assembly video. Do It Yourself, or call a local handyman. If you’re handy with some basic tools, you can install our beds and cabinets in around an hour each.

Slim profile

All Studio and Classic beds have a slim 41cm projection from the wall when folded up, preserving as much valuable space as possible in the sleekest manner.

No restriction on mattress types or weight

Any existing mattress can be used, up to 12” in depth, this can also be increased by installing the frame further from the wall.

Reinforced middle support bars

To ensure maximum safety and weight capacity, there is an extremely generous 772lbs (350kg) weight limit.

Long lasting excellent quality

Lifetime warranty

Wall Bed King has developed the ultimate wall bed that can be lifted with just one hand. Our finger-light system is provided by unique gas piston technology that has been so efficient we now offer a lifetime warranty on all bed frames and pistons purchased from January 2019 onwards. Many of our happy customers have posted reviews after many years of use: proving the strength, durability, safety and reliability of our beds.

The Leading Manufacturer of Murphy Beds in the World

Now in the USA and Canada

Wall bed King is the leading manufacturer of Murphy bed frames in Europe, and now customers in the United States and Canada can benefit from its high-quality Wall bed Kits, with delivery just as fast as products purchased from within the United States. Wall bed Kits include components required to assemble the Murphy bed frames pictured on the website and are delivered within 5-10 working days for most orders, in one box, completely ready for simple self-assembly as shown in our instructional video.

The highest quality, most durable materials

Solid Steel Frames

Wall bed King only uses the highest quality, most durable materials in the construction of its Murphy bed frames. The European made frames come with a lifetime warranty and are made of solid steel unlike those from other suppliers that use cheaper, lower-quality materials with inferior durability. The Wall Bed King bed frames are very robust and comfortably hold the weight of 2 adults even for daily use.

A wide variety of solid steel frames

Denise Winters, Google


"Great space saver in my little holiday flat. Really comfortable and great service. Would recommend."

Drew Dunbar, Google


"Fantastic from start to finish, such helpful people to deal with, very reliable thanks."

Alejandro, Trustpilot


"Love the Studio Bed, easy to fit together and delivered quickly."

Truly versatile

Customizable and Versatile

The Murphy bed Kits do not include mattresses or surrounds such as cabinets, allowing the buyer to use their own and customize according to their requirements. Additionally the frame is truly versatile and can be built and fitted in many different types of spaces. Previous customers have fitted our wall bed frames in boats, huts, offices, playrooms, factories and many other areas where a bed may be suddenly needed without any bulky or obtrusive elements within the space.

Wall Bed King frame in a modern room

Gas Piston Technology

One of the gas pistons on a Wall Bed King bed frame

Made in Germany

Additionally, rather than use spring mechanisms that are subject to deterioration and require maintenance, we use a gas piston mechanism designed and made in Germany to the most rigorous specifications on all our Murphy bed frames. The pistons allow for a very smooth, silent, finger-light transition when raising and lowering the beds and are so durable that they are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our meticulous testing has revealed that gas pistons will remain in excellent condition even after hundreds of thousands of compressions and retractions.

The market leader in online Murphy Bed sales

About Us

Wall bed King is proud to be the leading manufacturer of Murphy beds in the United Kingdom and to have dominated online sales of this unique product in Europe for the past five years as well as achieving a consistent track record of high levels of customer satisfaction among our European customers.

One of our Wall Bed King delivery vans

Superb 5 star reviews from our customers

High customer satisfaction

The company has achieved this success by focusing on providing the highest quality products along with the highest level of customer care, at competitive prices. This is reflected in the high level of satisfaction consistently expressed by our customers and our excellent reviews on our Google business page. The focus on quality and customer service means we can confidently offer a 14 day money back guarantee on any products purchased from our website as well as a LIFETIME warranty on all Wall Bed King murphy bed kits.

Consistent five star online reviews

John turner, TP


"The bed is brilliant, really comfortable and the fact that I can put it away means I get an office AND a spare room!"

Jay Sayed, Google


"Great product backed up by a really good service. Highly recommended; I saved money and ended up with a better bed compared to the other companies I looked into."

Janine Hyland, Google


"I found Wall Bed King on the internet and discovered that they offered affordable prices and straight forward assembly. I am very pleased with the product, it does exactly what it says on the web site."

Get in touch with the team!

Couple browsing the Wall Bed King website on an iPad

Contact Us

Wall bed King prides itself on our customer service, accessibility and communication, and we welcome any enquiries about our products. Please send an e-mail to: info@wallbedking.com or use our Live Chat below, and a helpful member of our team will respond to your query within 24 hours.

For large orders

Commercial Customers

Please note that commercial customers making large or repeated orders on a continuous basis, such as interior designers and bedroom fitters, will be entitled to further discounts and should contact us for details.

Builders installing a Wall Bed King bed in the attic

Assembly is simple and easy

Karen Iliffe, Google


"Fantastic experience from start to finish so helpful delivery on time and the bed is amazing more than happy with my bed and customer service."

Mustafa Chow, Google


"Amazing Investment: Wall bed king Is the best provider in my opinion out there for both foldable beds as well as cabinets and wardrobes. I have had my foldable bed for almost a year and cannot fault the bed nor any of the other products in any way. It was a great investment to make and compliments my room very nicely. The service is just all around great. The pine wood looks amazing in my opinion. I definitely recommend any one who is on edge about this to take action, because you won't regret it."

Sandy Lund, Google


"Bought for my spare room for friends and family when they come to stay. The customer service was great, very helpful and accommodating. Delivery was swift and they called me on route so I could nip home from work, let them in and head back to work. I'm not great at DIY and don't have the required tools so got a handyman in and helped. It took us an afternoon to put together and was. Friends and family who have used it have said how comfortable it is. Very easy to fold down and back up again which means I can utilise the space in the room when not in use. Highly recommended!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is absolutely free to any part of the United States, for all products featured on this page, including Hawaii.

How long will I have to wait for delivery?

We aim to deliver all products in 5-10 working days, but this may vary for large or bulk orders, in this case we will alert you after purchase.

Vertical, horizontal, what’s the difference?

With a vertical kit, the bed frame is raised and lowered by the foot of the bed so when it is folded up, the frame will lay on its end - making full use of its height from floor to ceiling. The horizontal bed frame is raised and lowered from the side so when folded up the frame will lay on its side - particularly useful in narrow spaces where there is no room for a vertical bed to fold down.

How easy are they to raise and lower?

The bed frames require only minimal effort, thanks to our finger- light gas piston technology and can be raised and lowered extremely easily.

How comfortable are these beds?

Our kits are robust, solid, collapsible bed frames and are as comfortable as any ordinary bed. You may put any type of mattress up to 12 inches thick meaning that you can use them every single night, if you wish to, and still get a perfect night’s sleep!

What do I get in the Murphy Bed Kits?

The Classic Murphy Bed comes in one box and the Studio Murphy bed comes in two boxes, containing all assembly parts. Please note that tools required for assembly are not included but are standard tools found in all DIY stores. Please see our assembly videos for more details.

How do I assemble the Murphy Bed Kits?

The assembly process has been designed to be as simple as possible and we provide a simple, instructional video to aid you in the process.

How are the kits held in place?

The Wall Bed King murphy bed kits can be fixed to the wall, to the floor or to both. It is important that at least one of the surfaces is solid and secure so the bed frame can be held in place securely.

Do the Murphy Bed Kits come with a mattress?

The Murphy Bed Kits come with everything required to assemble the bed frame mechanism and do not include a mattress. You can use your own standard mattress of any size and purchase the correct corresponding Murphy Bed Kit by specifying the size during the purchase process. This allows you to select your preferred mattress for optimal comfort according to your individual preferences.

Do you have to have a special mattress for a Murphy bed?

No, you can use any corresponding standard sized mattress with all our wall bed kits. That means that you don’t need to buy an additional mattress if you already have one, which will save you even more money!

Do the Murphy Bed Kits come with any surrounds or cabinets?

The Murphy Bed Kits come with everything required to assemble the Wall bed frame and mechanism but do not include extra surrounds or cabinets. This allows you to customize the product according to your wishes. Please see here for some inspiration. Often other companies package extra products together and profit from the sale of these packages by pricing them in a non-competitive way.

Can all the bedding stay on when folded up?

Yes! All bedding and pillows can stay on the frame when folded up ready for the next time you use your fabulous Wall Bed King bed.

Can I remove the bed once installed?

Absolutely! The kits must be fixed to a solid floor, a solid wall or both; you can also attach the frame to any wall studs, giving total flexibility when installing the kit. You can then unscrew the frame, reposition it in another room or take it with you when moving home or whenever you need to move it.

Are your Murphy wall beds the best money can buy?

Yes, without a doubt! We have developed our beds to be the best possible kits you can buy online. All Wall Bed King beds are strong, durable and equipped with the very best gas pistons, specially manufactured in Germany.

Do you manufacture these kits yourselves?

Yes we do! We are not distributors or middlemen; Wall Bed King manufactures these kits in Europe to the very highest standards, ensuring that you receive the very best price and customer support. We are the leading wall bed manufacturer in Europe and this is clearly reflected in our glowing reviews.

Why was my card declined?

As we are a European company, sometimes US cards may be declined initially. Please call your credit card company and let them know you are trying to place an order with us, they will be happy to assist you.

What is your refund policy?

For any issue with your order or if you want to return your items, please contact our friendly customer service team and we will endeavour to assist you. Should a refund be required, this can be carried out, as long as you purchased the item within the 14 days prior to informing us, however shipping fees cannot be refunded.

Why should I buy from Wall bed King?

Buying from Wall bed King means that you will receive the highest quality Murphy bed frame and mechanism on the market and that the product will be truly durable even with constant use. The bed frame and gas piston benefits from a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Additionally, Wall bed King offers a 14-day money back guarantee to ensure the full satisfaction of all its customers and is available for any questions or support needed after your purchase.

I still have a question!

We are here to help! Please contact us on: info@wallbedking.com or send us a message by using the chat feature on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. We’re here to help you and answer any other queries that you may have, so you can buy confidently, knowing that you have our full support.

Troubleshooting Video

The Classic Murphy bed

Our Wall Bed King Classic Murphy bed comes flat-packed for easy delivery, if you are having difficulty assembling your bed we recommend that you view our video before getting in touch with us.

The Wall Bed King Range